Our Story
Our Mission Build homes for our customers with the same care and craftsmanship we would put into building our own home.

Our EG Home Story

The origin of EG Home started way before Matt and Dave ever thought of building homes or starting a business. Our founders, Matt and Dave, met in 1997 at their first U.S Navy duty station in Panama City, Florida. Dave was graduated from the United States Naval Academy and Matt graduated from Villanova University, both were newly commissioned officers and ready to start their Navy careers. On their second day in Florida both with “girlfriends” accompanying them went to a beach party to meet their fellow Dive School classmates, Amy and Catherine met at that party as well…and so began the lifelong friendship… Staying close friends their paths crossed again in Virginia Beach where Dave was serving as a Navy SEAL and Matt an Explosive Ordnance Technician (EOD). Both Dave and Matt were extremely busy with training and wartime deployments and Catherine and Amy’s bond grew. Both away from family they relied on each other as these young couples started families in a crazy time. Matt and Dave served with distinction and decoration for 9 and 10 years respectively and then chose to look for new adventures as civilians.

Dave went on to get his MBA from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and is now the President and owner of Walker Diving Underwater Construction in Hammonton, NJ. Since taking over this small diving company in 2009, Dave has grown the company and their capabilities, Walker Diving is now one of the leading underwater construction companies in the northeast.

Matt went to work for two national homebuilders in various roles. Entering the housing industry at the start of the Great Recession, Matt was forced to learn the business at its worst, his steadfast nature and energy helped his employers weather the storm. In 2012, Matt joined Dave at Walker Diving for a short period with the intent of creating a new company for them to partner on, and in 2013 EG Home LLC was born.

Through all their adventures and endeavors Matt and Dave have always valued family above all else. Dave and Catherine live in Haddonfield, New Jersey with their four daughters. Matt and Amy reside in Middlebury, Connecticut where they are raising their son and three daughters.

Two former military officers who understand the meaning of putting others before themselves, Matt and Dave believe that the health and welfare of the people on their team, and the people they build homes for, always comes first. It’s the single most important thing—whether they’re cultivating company culture or caring for a client throughout the homebuilding process. It’s about bringing health and happiness into the lives of others.

From our family to your family, we promise that your new home will be your base, your safe haven, and your greatest source of comfort. That’s the EG Home way.

Sure, I love to build. But it’s the people we build relationships with along the way that makes what we do feel so special.

Building the most important place in someone’s life — it doesn’t get any better than that.

Meet The Team A lot of personalities. Zero egos.
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  • “ The community is unbelievable. I can’t tell you how wonderful this place is for making friends. Some of my dearest friends that I will have for a lifetime are here. ” Marc & Laureen Chatfield Farms Homeowners
  • “ They have a 10,000-square foot clubhouse that’s like a resort. This is a clubhouse you can access 24/7. Outdoor pools, tennis courts, pickleball courts… people can’t believe it. It really is that special. ” Stan & Eileen Chatfield Farms Homeowners
  • “ I liked it the minute I came up here. ” Henry Chatfield Farms Homeowner
  • “ I like the neighborhood. Everybody that’s moved in has been terrific—great neighbors, great friends. And a lot of activities to keep us busy! ” Vince Chatfield Farms Homeowner