Featured Happy Homeowners Tom & Betsy “ We immediately said, ‘oh my gosh, this is it.’ ” Chatfield Farms Homeowners
Marc & Laureen “ It’s not cookie-cutter. There are so many varieties and different ways you can customize your house. And that makes it really special. ” Chatfield Farms Homeowners
Stan & Eileen “ They have a 10,000-square foot clubhouse that’s like a resort. This is a clubhouse you can access 24/7. Outdoor pools, tennis courts, pickleball courts… people can’t believe it. It really is that special. ” Chatfield Farms Homeowners
Henry & Debbie “ It’s a great community. It’s so quiet and relaxing here. Some days, I just can’t believe I’m here. ” Chatfield Farms Homeowners
Marc & Laureen “ The community is unbelievable. I can’t tell you how wonderful this place is for making friends. Some of my dearest friends that I will have for a lifetime are here. ” Chatfield Farms Homeowners
Pat “ It’s a beautiful country setting, while at the same time, you can get to Route 8 in minutes. ” Chatfield Farms Homeowners
Sue “ We traveled all around Connecticut, looked at the other places, and this is a jewel set in the country. Just unlike anything else that’s out there. We love it here. ” Chatfield Farms Homeowners
Bloopers “ I absolve myself of any responsibility for anything she says. ” Chatfield Farms
  • “ We have loved working with EG Home at Perkins Reserve! Our home was built with the highest quality and care. Our new forever home is stunning! The staff and onsite people are the ultimate professionals . I would highly recommend EG to anyone. ” Linda & Patrick Perkins Reserve Homeowner
  • “ We absolutely love and adore the master piece you all have built that we call home. It is everything we hoped for and much more. Many thanks for building the dream team home. ” Marco & Louise Trailside Reserve Homeowner