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Go Coastal with These New Home Design Tips

In Stonington, CT, “coastal” is just how we live. From weekends in Mystic to salty breezes that blow in off the bay, to daily fresh seafood, “coastal” is our lifestyle. It also happens to be a fresh and modern interior design aesthetic that we wholeheartedly embrace. Our designers naturally gravitate to this style when creating looks for our homes, and they’ve put together a few tips for you to do the same. Here are just a few ways to enjoy an easy, breezy, coastal vibe in your home, no matter where you live. 


What is Coastal Style?

The coastal aesthetic is achieved by incorporating elements, materials, and colors from the seaside into your home. With shades of blues and greens, natural materials such as driftwood, hemp rope, and seashells, and light and airy fabrics like cotton and linen, the effect is calming, serene, and entirely peaceful. 


Soft Colors

Think of the beach and how all the colors there just naturally complement one another (nature is wonderful like that, isn’t it?). Try to mimic that same color palette at home. You may start with a soft white or sandy beige for your largest spaces, like the walls, cabinet, and curtains, then bring in accent colors that you would find in the ocean — aquas, blues, greens, and even coral. Layer various hues of the same color (even white) to create interest and mimic the fluid movement of the shore. Colors should always be soft and natural.

It can be easy to get carried away with tchotchkes in the shape of shells and sea animals, but try not to take the concept too literally. Keep spaces as open and uncluttered as possible to recreate the depth of space you feel at the beach. Bring in materials like driftwood, shell, and glass for light fixtures and accent pieces. Art can be items you find right on the beach, such a beautiful piece of coral reef or a collection of iridescent shells. You can even hang your straw hats on the wall as a statement piece (then grab and go as you head to the beach). 

As for curtains and furniture, keep the material soft and light with few hard lines. White linen drapes billowing behind a soft, cotton-upholstered couch will beckon you to sit down and take a rest, just like the beach does. For tables, painted wood, glass, or rattan work best, and well-loved cotton or jute rugs will complete the space.


Modern Touches

If you also love modern styling, there is no reason to leave it out of coastal design. To achieve a modern coastal look, incorporate a few pieces that have a sleek, minimalist look — like a lamp, pendant light, or a side table. Skip the tchotchkes and obvious beach references altogether. Instead, go for evoking the calm, carefree feeling the beach gives you.

If you love the coastal look and you are searching for a new home in New London County, Connecticut, visit Old Mystic Estates for sea-worthy inspiration. Schedule an appointment to see it for yourself.


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