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Our Customers’ Favorite Home Design Trends for 2022

EG Home offers a wide selection of design-forward finishes — along with expert advice — so that every homeowner can create the space of their dreams. Sometimes, though, the best trends are the ones embraced first by our customers! We love keeping track of the features, finishes, and styles that resonate with our buyers, because it helps us put together looks that they and future customers will enjoy even more. Here’s Kate MacMillan, EG Home’s in-house design consultant, on the top-requested design trends from our buyers so far in the new year!


2022 New Home Design Trends


1) Free-Standing Tubs

In 2022, many designers are going for a serene, calming aesthetic, and when it comes to baths, our design-savvy homeowners are right in stride. Many are opting for free-standing tubs for the ultimate luxury bath experience. These tubs can be rectangular or oval, and look stunning when placed beneath a window. Free-standing tubs can be paired with a wide variety of plumbing fixtures, so it’s easy to incorporate them with any style of décor. 

2) Black Exterior Windows

For a more dramatic and modern look, many of our customers have opted for black frame windows, instead of traditional white. The black frames offer a more distinctive appearance that looks particularly great against a high-contrast exterior color like white or ocean. You can also elevate this look with coordinating black garage doors or gutters. It’s a simple design element that makes a big impact. 


3) Open Kitchen Shelving

Loved for its modern farmhouse vibes, open kitchen shelving is a bit hit with many of EG Home’s customers. There’s no denying that this type of shelving gives any kitchen a sexy and design-forward feeling, yet opens up the space visually at the same time. And many prefer the simplicity and sleek lines of shelving to bulkier upper cabinets. Whatever the reason, open kitchen shelving is proving to be a design mainstay in 2022.


4) Printed Tiles in Small Spaces

Patterned and geometric tiles are HUGE right now in the interior design world, and our customers are taking note! This type of tiling never looks busy in a bathroom, powder room, or laundry room because the space is compact, and you can get as creative as you’d like. We’ve seen fun tiles used on floors and walls — and sometimes both! Sometimes it’s the smallest spaces in our homes that can offer the biggest “wow” factors. 


5) Oak Ceiling Beams and Elegant Coffered Ceilings 

Rustic yet elegant, ceiling beams lend a sense of drama and strength to any room. Though decorative beams come in many styles and finishes, our homeowners are leaning more toward the classic oak beam. The slightly rustic look has been a favorite finish that complements the oh-so-popular modern farmhouse aesthetic that continues its reign into 2022.


If you are interested in learning which personalized design choices you can make in a new EG home, browse our online galleries, then contact us to see them in person!


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