Gift Ideas For Your New Year’s Party Host/Hostess

Holiday Gifts


The new year is just around the corner! If you’re welcoming 2020 at a friend’s party, make sure to bring a gift that they’ll find both useful and enjoyable in the new year. From kitchen accessories to tech gadgets and everything in between, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect presents that say thank you for celebrating with me. Happy almost new year to you and yours! 


Throw Blanket: There’s nothing like staying in for a cozy movie night during the wintertime. A nice, warm throw blanket for the couch will bring all of the comfy vibes to your friend’s home. 


Orchids: Did you know that this house plant symbolizes love and growth? Because these beauties can continue blooming over and over again, they bring endless happiness and style to any part of the home.


Monogrammed Cheese Board/Cutting Board: Who doesn’t love their own initials, especially on something useful? A personalized gift for someone who loves to entertain will always be cherished.


Candle: A candle may seem like a cop-out as a gift, but a wintertime aroma fills a home with endless comfort. The scents we love have powerful effects on our minds (and make us happy as can be). Try an apple, vanilla, or pine-scented candle this holiday season.


Coasters: Perfect for both parties and casual hangouts, a set of unique coasters goes a long way. Choose a design that matches your friend’s personality or style and they’ll love showing them off to their guests! 


Coffee Maker: Wake up and smell the coffee! When your friend is in a rush, a personal coffee maker gives them that buzz they love from the comfort of their kitchen.


Folding Bed Tray: A specialized serving tray with folding legs is the perfect accessory for that cozy winter morning when your friend just wants to enjoy delicious pancakes in bed… 


Virtual Assistant: It’s never been easier to do average, day-to-day functions. From playing music to controlling devices around the home, smart home assistants take convenience to a new level.


Cookbook: What signifies the holidays better than delicious food? A really great cookbook (particular one that features food your friend isn’t an expert with) is certainly welcome in the kitchen. 


Picture Frames: Nothing brings warmth to a home quite like a framed photo. A unique frame that complements the style and decor of a certain room will show how much you love and appreciate your friend.


NutriBullet: In between all of those tasty holiday meals, a NutriBullet packs all of the benefits of their favorite fruits and vegetables into one. The best part? It’s incredibly easy to use.


From all of us at EG Home, cheers to 2020!