Homeowner Testimonial: Meet Janice!


happy homeowners

At EG Home, we know that buying and building a new home is one of the most exciting journeys of your life. But we also know that there’s so much more to the process than meets the eye. From selling your current home under a time constraint to overcoming doubts along the way, the inevitable “roadblocks” may seem overwhelming before you even begin — but that doesn’t mean you can’t successfully overcome them.

We spoke with one of our happy homeowner, Janice, who moved into her EG Home in Chatfield Farms. While selling her previous home, Janice picked up a few valuable tips and lessons that helped make this process smooth, efficient, and as stress-free as possible. If you’re thinking of starting your greatest journey yet, here’s a bit of advice, in her own words, to make your experience with EG Home even better!


What were the big reasons you wanted to build a new home rather than buy an existing one?

We knew that this was going to be the last home we would build for ourselves, and we were ready for things to be just as we wanted them. We definitely didn’t want to settle on a resale where we might have to just live with how things were or spend a lot of money on renovations. In terms of building with EG Home, we knew that the home would be just as we expected along with any support needed!


Were there any hesitations you had about starting the building process before having your current home listed/sold?

There are always hesitations with the what-ifs. However, if you truly want to have a home built to your specifications and limit the time you may have to find temporary housing with your belongings in storage, you do need to take that leap of faith. Do your research on comparable homes in your town and the average time it takes to sell a comparable home. Always remain flexible!


What were some of the measures you took to feel more confident in the sale of your home? Did you meet with multiple realtors? Did you do any renovations? How about staging?

A well-staged and clean home is always key to having people interested in your property. It’s always wise to get several realtors to come in and do an evaluation of selling price. You also need to remember that no one loves your home as much as you do, so take the emotion out of the sale of your home. It’s easy to say, but difficult to do. Additionally, you only have to find one buyer for your home.


How did you overcome any doubts about timing your move?

The timing of the move was the most difficult thing to digest. For example, if your home sells quickly, where do you go and what do you do with your belongings? Also, if your home takes time to sell, will you be faced with owning two homes? This is where you need to have a plan as to the lowest price you can accept for your home, and how much money you have to put into the home you’re building. If you have a plan in mind, you’ll know where your comfort zone is in the buying and selling process.


What advice would you give to someone going through the same process right now?

I highly recommend attending as many events that EG Home has for prospective and new buyers. Meeting people who already live at Chatfield Farms helps you envision and get excited for your new lifestyle. It also helps make the transition from your previous home (with so many memories) to your new home (a place where you’ll have more time to do things that are fun rather than spend so much time on upkeep) as smooth as can be. We’d rather go see what’s going on at the clubhouse than put down yards of mulch!

The process of buying and building a new home is certainly an undertaking, but with the right planning, mindset, and of course, a friendly and knowledgeable team by your side, each step of the process doesn’t just become easier, but gratifying as well. After all, before moving into the place you’ll love to call home, you deserve to enjoy yourself along the way. Thank you for your advice, Janice! We’re so glad you’re loving your new life in Chatfield Farms.