Involving Your Kids in the Moving Process

family moving


Once your beautiful EG home in Trailside Reserve is built and ready for you, the greatest “holiday” of all is right around the corner: move-in day! From the excitement of gathering all your things to the joy of settling into a new space, this day is one you and your family will never forget — especially your children!


As this is such a new experience for your little ones, it’s a good idea to get them as involved as possible. When they feel included, they’re likely to be less anxious and more ready to start this exciting new chapter of their lives. Take a look at a few of our favorite tips to getting your children involved in the moving process:


Talk it out: A great way to ease any worries is to talk through the major components of your move, particularly why you’re moving and how it will benefit them. This gives your little ones a chance to adjust to the idea and get excited about what’s to come. You could put together a scrapbook filled with photos of fond memories in your home and reminisce about how much fun you had — and talk about how much fun there is to come!


family talking


Ask for opinions: Any big life decision you make has a certain effect on your children, whether it be anticipation and excitement or fear and anxiety. Whichever feeling your children experience, it’s always good to give them some sense of control over a major change. This could mean anything from asking for their opinions about a decor idea in your new kitchen to letting them pack up their stuff and decorate their new space. The best thing you could ask their opinion on? Which bedroom they want to be theirs! This will give them a sense of ownership during the process.


Be positive: It’s no surprise that children will most likely be concerned about losing new friends and making new ones. Make sure to let them know that friendships don’t have to end even if there’s distance — in fact, a little space will make visiting that much sweeter! Most importantly, with an abundance of ways to keep in touch, let your children know that they can continue to embrace their friendships while cultivating new ones.


Visit your new community: If you can, head over to your new EG Home community before you move to get your children acclimated to their new lifestyle! Letting your children explore their new home and neighborhood allows them to feel good about what’s to come and see that it’s not so scary after all… Even better, if you have the chance to meet new neighbors and their own children, your little ones will be so excited to come back!


family packing


Pack together: Of course, packing means having to let go of some things — but that doesn’t mean that your children have to say goodbye to everything they love. If your little ones are worried about what’s being “lost,” make sure to include them in the packing process so they can see which items you’re donating or getting rid of and why. They’ll also be comforted when they see that what’s most important to them will be kept safe.


Enjoy your favorite spots: Leaving one town to move to another may be upsetting, but a fun going-away party, where you go to their favorite restaurant, shops, and landmarks, can be the perfect way to say “goodbye for now.” Depending on the distance of your move, talk to the parents of your children’s friends about planning a visit! Make sure to let your children know that there’s going to be so much to love about their new town.


From all of us at EG Home, happy move-in day! We’re all so excited for you!