Low-Maintenance Living at Chatfield Farms

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! As our beautiful state of Connecticut welcomes more snowfall this season, EG Home wants you to enjoy every last drop. This is when our low-maintenance promise at Chatfield Farms makes the season even sweeter — we take care of all of your shoveling (along with lawn mowing, and leaf removal), so you can enjoy the winter wonderland without wasting a moment doing any work.

As scenic and peaceful as fresh white snow in Beacon Falls is, it can also be a nuisance when walking outside or driving becomes difficult. But you can be rest assured that EG Home has your back throughout every season of the year, no matter the weather… Even after a snowstorm, we ensure that your driveway and the community sidewalks are always immaculately shoveled so you can roam around freely.

Without anything in your way, you’ll never miss a moment of the fun. Take a stroll down to the Fieldstone Club to enjoy happy hour and dinner with your neighbors or beat the cold and break a sweat in the fitness center, and come back to a home that’s as comfortable as can be. Not to mention, when family and friends can drive in and drive out easily, visits and get-togethers become stress-free as well.

Best of all, your back and front yards become fun and safe spaces for you and your grandchildren to play in the snow. What could be better than having the little ones over to build a snowman and drink hot chocolate together? You’ll also be happy to know that every one of your neighbors cares about safety like you do, and drives carefully around the neighborhood, especially during the wintertime.

Snow Problem

But when it comes to driving and staying safe when it’s snowy, you can never be too cautious. Take a look at a few of our favorite pieces of advice when driving in the snow, which include easing up on your gas pedal and only stopping when necessary. When it comes to walking in the snow, make sure to always wear shoes with good traction, keep your arms free for balance, and take short steps.

Then again, you could always just stay indoors and curl up by the fire… Your home in Chatfield Farms is the coziest place to watch the beautiful snowfall just outside your window. Grab your favorite winter snack, a warm drink, and kick your feet up — we’ll take care of your outdoor work while you snuggle up inside! Happy winter!