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Live Close to Your Family at Chatfield Farms

Video calls? Virtual celebrations? If the past year or so has done anything, it has shown how much being able to spend time – in person – with our loved ones means to us. Video chats and texts may have helped us keep in touch with our families, but they’re no substitute for the real thing. 


Right now, a lot of people are reconsidering just how far they really want to live from the people they love. The trend of northern retirees heading south is under review. 12 hours and 800 miles turns out to be light years when you’re unable to get on a plane much less leave your house. 


For many recent retirees and prospective relocators, it’s time to move on from the southern migration. Instead, it’s time to move closer to the family they love in Connecticut. They’ve realized that they never want to miss another special moment, whether it’s the baby’s first steps or those extremely well-rehearsed dance recital steps. Not to mention the simple joys of birthdays and backyard barbecues, goodnight hugs and sleepovers. 


Conveniently Located 55+ Community in Connecticut


Which is where Chatfield Farms comes in. This close-knit 55-plus community in Connecticut is located in the heart of New Haven County.  Which means that catching those weekend soccer matches is definitely doable. It also means that sleepovers with Mimi and Papa are bound to be a favorite ask, especially when accompanied by a side of swimming.


That’s right, Chatfield Farms has a pool. Along with a huge clubhouse, fitness center, pickleball courts, trails, clubs, activities and social events. When you’re not entertaining the grandkids, you’ll have plenty of fun and excitement to choose from. (Or not. You do you. It’s all good.) 


Chatfield Farms also offers something unique for a 55+ community: single family homes. No condos or quads. Individual, customized, single family homes with 1- or 2-story layouts. Featuring maintenance-free exteriors and elegant interiors, these innovative homes are designed specifically for boomers and retirees looking for living spaces that are a bit smaller and easier to care for than their previous homes, but with all the features and amenities they had in a big house. The Grant, Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, and Adams models are “semi-custom” homes that can be adapted to fit a variety of needs and desires. Prices start in the upper $300s. 


So, maybe it’s time to consider staying in Connecticut, and enjoying the benefits of living closer to family – at Chatfield Farms!


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