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What Are Zero Energy Ready Homes?

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A net zero energy home is a high-performance home that is so energy efficient that a renewable energy system, such as solar, offsets most or all the home’s annual energy use. A “Zero Energy Ready Home” is built to meet the extraordinary level of excellence in energy and performance specified by the Department of Energy’s “Zero Energy Ready” certification program, is independently inspected, and is ready to be net zero energy by adding renewable energy. The ultimate goal of a Zero Energy Ready Home is to provide homeowners with a healthier, more comfortable, and environmentally friendly living space while significantly reducing energy bills and minimizing the home’s environmental impact.  

EG Home Proudly Builds Zero Energy Ready Homes 

DID YOU KNOW: Roughly 30% of U.S. carbon emissions are from gas-fueled heat. In 2022, natural gas accounted for about 32% of U.S. energy consumption and about 34% of total annual energy-related CO2 emissions, per the U.S. Energy Information Administration. 

Buildings are responsible for 40% of the total energy used in the United States. Net zero energy homes are an essential part of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. At EG Home, we have completely upgraded the function of our homes with economy and the environment in mind. One of the biggest upgrades is the elimination of fossil fuels for heating, hot water, and cooking. In our zero energy ready homes, we use high-performance electrified appliances, which means zero emissions.  

Net Zero Energy Homes

The heating and cooling source in our homes is a cold-climate heat pump, which provides efficient heating even on the coldest winter nights. Heat pumps work by moving warm air into the home in the winter — and out of it in the summer. A heat pump can provide up to three times more heat than the electricity it consumes. They don’t directly burn fossil fuels, so they reduce both emissions and monthly utility bills.  

We have also switched to induction cooktops/ranges, which are safer, faster, and cleaner. An induction cooktop generates energy from an electromagnetic field below the glass cooktop surface, which then transfers current directly to magnetic cookware, causing it to heat up. There are no harmful emissions in the home and no risk of burns or fire. The stove top doesn’t get hot to the touch, yet it cooks more quickly and with better control.  

When it comes to heating hot water, we use the most energy-efficient heat-pump water heater on the market. Combined with an on-demand insulated recirculation loop, hot water is delivered to the furthest fixture almost immediately.  

Our zero energy ready homes also meet Indoor airPLUS guidelines. Indoor airPLUS is a voluntary certification program developed by the EPA that focuses on improving indoor air quality in homes. 

zero energy ready homes

  1. Advanced Ventilation: an Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system for filtered fresh air, high MERV HVAC filters, and a vented range hood 
  2. Moisture Control: Indoor airPLUS-certified homes take measures to prevent excess moisture that can lead to mold and mildew. Proper moisture control helps maintain a healthy indoor environment. 
  3. Radon Mitigation: Homes in areas with elevated radon levels are equipped with radon-resistant construction techniques to reduce the risk of radon exposure, a naturally occurring radioactive gas. 
  4. Low-Emitting Materials: Building materials and products used in construction are selected for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, and other potentially harmful chemicals, which can improve indoor air quality.
  5. Pest Management: Integrated pest management practices are employed to minimize the need for pesticides, reducing the potential for harmful chemicals in the home.

Our zero energy ready homes are insulated with spray foam in the walls for a quieter, more comfortable home. The basements are insulated and conditioned, resulting in dryer, warmer spaces, and lower heat bills, too.   

Zero Energy Ready Homes must meet rigorous requirements that ensure energy efficiency, comfort health, and durability. All of EG Home’s Zero Energy Ready Homes are third-party verified to ensure they meet the ZERH criteria. 

How Does EG Home Build Your Zero Energy Ready Home? 

Now that you know more about what we include in our Zero Energy Ready Homes, we’ll give you an inside look at how we build your home just for you.  

We believe that the steps to finding your special place should be uncomplicated. So we’ve designed our home-buying process to be clear-cut, concise, and easy. Step 1 is the easiest: Choose EG Home then choose your community, your floorplan, and your homesite. Your Sales Consultant will guide you through this part.  

Home buying process

In Step 2, you sit down with your Sales Consultant and start the Purchase Process. You and your real estate Attorney will go through the entire Sales Agreement, making sure you understand everything. You’ll have 14 days to review the Sales Agreement. During this period, you’ll go out to the construction site and meet the Construction Manager or Site Development Manager. Then you’ll come back to the Design Center, and your Sales Consultant will preview the Design Process, and help you choose structural options, such as a finished basement, deck, etc. Once you make those choices and put down a deposit, your Purchase Process will be complete.  

Step 3 is the Design Process! (Aka the most fun part of the homebuilding experience!) You meet with our Design Professionals at our Design Center. They will guide you through personalizing your home with our carefully curated products, materials, features, and finishes. You’ll pick out all the things that go into your house – countertops, cabinets, backsplash, floors, door handles. Everything is here, all in one place. It’s enjoyable and efficient. After a few meetings, your new home is all designed and we’re almost ready to start building!  

During Step 4, the Pre-Construction Process, our team is busy putting everything in order so we can start building your home. We’re getting plans and permits together. Our Purchasing Department is building your home virtually, ordering everything from the concrete for the foundation to the door knobs and drawer pulls. You’ll meet the Construction Manager who will be building your house.  

Your Construction Manager will take you through Step 5, the Construction Process. Once we begin building your home, you will receive monthly updates. You will also have several in-person “walks” during this time – the Pre-Sheetrock Walk (see what’s behind the walls); the “WOW” Walk (because the first thing you’ll say when you walk in is “WOW!”); and the New Home Orientation Walk (learn how to operate and care for your new high-performance home AND inspect everything).  

Next up, Step 6, the Closing Process. During this process, you’ll be working with our Closing Coordinator to make sure that all of your funding is in place, and all of the paperwork is in order. And then you’ll do your final walk – the Closing Walk – and make sure everything is perfect! Congratulations… you’re an EG Homeowner!  

Connect with EG Home Today! 

As more people confront higher energy bills, climate chaos, and environmental concerns, building net zero energy homes is becoming more popular in the United States. EG Home is proud to build zero energy ready homes in Connecticut. With an array of cutting-edge features and a rigorous inspection process, your home will provide unparalleled comfort and long-lasting durability. If you are interested in learning more about ZERH, connect with us today.  


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